Corporate Legalease

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Corporate Legalease

Corporate Legalease is a blog supported by LexIngenious. It aims at collating thoughts and insights of professionals on one platform so that such insights are readily available to people who need it and when they need it.

We believe that, when needed, decision-makers seek professional thoughts and insights to deal with multidisciplinary aspects of a business. The contents of this blog are focused on 3 categories viz Social Impact, Technology and Boardroom Chat.

This blog is intended to provide general guidance, engagement and food for thought, to decision makers. Specific expert advice should be sought for specific circumstances.


LexIngenious is a corporate legal practice established in 2017 with the purpose of “enabling” social evolution by providing legal solutions. Its approach is to be an “enabler of progress” by finding practical and efficient legal solutions to complex challenges that progressive entities face.

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